December 18, 2018 The IRS has over 148 different types of penalties they can hit you with. And the worst part is that the IRS can also charge interest and additional penalties on the original penalty. Penalties can be such a high percentage of the total amount owed to the IRS, it usually makes sense […]

Innocent Spouse Relief

Spouse in trouble with the IRS and you believe you are entitled to relief? Maybe, maybe not if you filed jointly. Seventh Circuit: IRS Not Required to Notify Taxpayer of Right to Innocent Spouse Relief The Seventh Circuit upheld a Tax Court decision denying innocent spouse relief to a taxpayer because it did not find […]

What are the Chances that your Income Tax Return will be Audited?

For the vast majority of taxpayers, there is not much need to worry that you will be audited. In 2016, only 0.6% of individual income tax returns were audited according to the IRS 2017 Data Book.¬†Why? For starters, the IRS budget has been cut resulting in more than 2,200 fewer agents available to audit returns. […]